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Avantgarde Translactions beyond the word... delivering the message
  • "We rarely need a language services company, so use them sporadically. One particular bid opportunity arose with a short turn-around requiring the translation of an 80-page request for Proposal document from Spanish to English. We approached a couple of firms based near us, but none were willing to translate the document in such a short time frame. This was not the case with Avantgarde Translations. Their team turned around the translation over a weekend in order to give us time to review and prepare our proposal. A few days later, we were informed we won the bid. Avantgarde Translations proved its ability to respond, produce, and help us compete."
    — George Whittier, President, Fairbanks Morse Engine

Why Us

RESPONSIBLE, AWARD-WINNING MANAGEMENT: Excellence in operating our business also ensures excellence in our handling of your specific translation service needs. With over 30 years of combined experience in multilingual translation and business, we take pride in having been named a Rising Star in business ownership in 2006.

STRONG REPUTATION: The reputation of the management team and the contribution of each team member to the organization have resulted in Avantgarde Translations gaining a strong reputation in its geographical markets in a short period of time. A combination of translation expertise, strong management, operational savvy, multilingual capability and cultural diversity has been key to the company’s growing respect in the industry. The fact that professional translators seek to offer their services through us because of the level of integrity and care we bring to each and every relationship tells us we are doing business in the right way for the right reasons.

METICULOUS ORGANIZATION: Having information and extensive well-organized resources at our fingertips enables us to be responsive and effective at creating customized language solutions for you. From the inception of our business, we have established a variety of systems for our operations and communications to make doing business with us seamless and fluid.

Beyond the Word ... Delivering the Message